To convey reliable information about I-49, and to facilitate community-wide dialogue of the advantages, or drawbacks if any, of constructing the I-49 Inner-City Connector (Click here).
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Environmental Impact Statement definition from Wikipedia

John Caruthers
I-49/I-69 Article
circa 2002

It is a Safety Issue.

I-49 Path Aerial Photos

Vision for Growth: Bloggers at the ShreveportTimes.com, August 2007

New U.S. DOT Rule Allows States Flexibility to Build Roads and Bridges Faster

Arkansas commits to last 4 miles to Louisiana Line: - Gard Wayt "Getting It Done"
I-49 North Coalition 8-29-07

I-69 is Priority, Great......

People With "A Passion" Can Make The Difference

100 Cow Town? We Think Not

Progress...Look At The Map. It's Pretty Simple. Straight Path through The City & Everyone Wins.

Governor-Elect Bobby Jindal appoints Bill Ankner as Director of LA DOTD
(Dated: 12-28-07)

Hwy. 3132 Buckles in Heat....Not Cost Effective for I-49


What's Wrong with This Photo?

I-49 (549) South Arkansas

In this enhanced Weather Radar Map, I-49 North in red to Shreveport completes to I-20 as of 1994. The Arkansas South portion in red completes to 4 miles of the Louisiana Border as of 2006.

Seen below is a snapshot of the Official Northwest Louisiana Council of Governmts (NLCOG) Map for 1-49 development North.

1. Why is the 3.5 mile Inner-City Connector absent from this Official NLCOG Map seen below?

2. June 4, 2007, the day before the Public Forum in Baton Rouge hosted by the House and Senate of the State of Louisiana, why did a news item mysteriously appear on the NLCOG Web Site mentioning the I-49 Inner-City Connector for the first time after the initial study in 1977. Click here to go to the News Item for the limited information at NLCOG as of June 7, 2007.

3. The NLCOG article is only currently an announcement of information yet to be posted, if any, seen at the bottom of the site page, also only available by clicking on NLCOG Site I-49 LOGO.

Click for complete map.

Below is I49REPORT's interpretation of where the Inner-City Connector may be built.