To convey reliable information about I-49, and to facilitate community-wide dialogue of the advantages, or drawbacks if any, of constructing the I-49 Inner-City Connector (Click here).
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Environmental Impact Statement definition from Wikipedia

John Caruthers
I-49/I-69 Article
circa 2002

It is a Safety Issue.

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New U.S. DOT Rule Allows States Flexibility to Build Roads and Bridges Faster

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Progress...Look At The Map. It's Pretty Simple. Straight Path through The City & Everyone Wins.

Governor-Elect Bobby Jindal appoints Bill Ankner as Director of LA DOTD
(Dated: 12-28-07)

Hwy. 3132 Buckles in Heat....Not Cost Effective for I-49


What's Wrong with This Photo?

Hurricanes, Hurricanes, Go Away....And Never Come Back!

As we have witnessed with Hurricanes Katrina (August, 2005), Gustav (Aug. 2008) and Ike....just some 12 days after Gustav, HURRICANES, UNFORTUNATELY ARE A FACT OF LIFE IN SOUTH LOUISIANA AND THE TEXAS GULF COAST....AND THEY EFFECT THE WHOLE STATE.

When South Louisiana residents evacuate to higher ground, Shreveport and the Ark-La-Tex is one of the PRIMARY REGIONS THEY CHOOSE TO TRAVEL TO...AND TRAVEL THRU. Some 1.9 Million South Louisiana residents evacuated for Hurricane Gustav...setting an all-time record.

And the ones who chose the Ark-La-Tex as their evacuation destination (or route)....were forced off of I-49 at I-20....BECAUSE THAT IS CURRENTLY WHERE THE ROAD ENDS. We/they cannot travel unimpeeded and in a timely manner to and through the Northern Part of our Region. Why? Why? Why?

The answer simply appears to be "Lack of Vision" for 30+ years and even now..."Foot Dragging" by our Politicians and Political Power Brokers in Louisiana and specifically Northwest Louisiana. The general citizens of North Louisiana want I-49 North Built and finished in a timely manner. Again, the Political Will and Power Brokers...for now, at least, keep standing in the way.

Louisiana Citizens DESERVE BETTER. So far, all we are getting is a Brick Wall.

No doubt, the Ark-La-Tex has a Great Future. And an even greater one with a Finished I-49 North.....36 miles thru Shreveport to Arkansas.

Let's Do It....for Hurricane Evacuation Safety reasons...and for Economic Progress for our Region.

The clock is ticking....

Do We Have the Political Will and Fortitude to "Do What is Right"....? I49Report says emphatically, YES.