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I49REPORT Editorial: June 13, 2007

Several ugly issues have raised their spinning heads concerning I-49 North and the Shreveport I-49 Inner-City Connector. I49REPORT attempts here to delineate these issues thus revealing the truth toward dispelling special interests’ Disinformation Campaign currently perpetrated on the Public.

Shreveport’s I-49 North and its Inner-City Connector is under attack and has been for decades. There is a faction of wealthy Partisans who do not want this project to be completed for selfish reasons. This faction of land Barons (Plantationists) have positioned their land holdings around the I-220 and Route 3132 Loop to profit from not completing the Shreveport I-49 Inner-City Connector. These huckster Plantationists perpetrate their lies, spin, and disinformation campaigns using their prominent positions in the community, using their well-financed contributions and leadership positions in prominent community organizations, using their campaign contributions or threats to withdraw contributions to well-placed Politicians and Lobbyists, and using their threats to withdraw advertising dollars to local News Publishers (Newspapers) and Media Organizations (Television) if their malignant agenda is published.

Not theory; those who practice Disinformation Campaigning are intent on removing the I-49 Inner-City Connector from even being considered, much less studied, in the future construction of I-49 North. This is witnessed by the conspicuous absence of the Inner-City Connector from official planning maps published by various government institutions whose responsibility it is to organize and plan the project. The most conspicuous example of this conspiracy, is that the aforementioned Plantationists are members of prominent community organizations, are on the boards of the government Highway Planning Institutions, and are major financial sources of advertising in local Press and Media, never mind their large Campaign contributions to our Local, State, and Federal Politicians and Lobbyists. All this is made possible through their significant land holdings, and large financial assets. By buying their way into positions of power and authority, these Plantationists have conspired to spin the I-49 Inner-City Connector into obscurity.

This spin can be witnessed by the fact that none of our so-called freely-elected State Senators will floor bills from the State House for consideration concerning the I-49 Inner-City Connector. The main concern over full realization of the I-49 Project is that, without an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the I-49 Inner-City Connector, it will not even be considered as part of I-49. Without EIS financing and then reporting, I-49 will absorb 3132 and I-220 forcing these highways to be renamed to I-49. When this happens, all Federal Matching Funds will disappear for the Inner-City Connector. This will fulfill the dreams of avarice conspired by these Plantationists, making them even more powerful and wealthy than they are already.

There is a huge wave of toxic traffic waiting to roll over Shreveport’s water supply; the four lane I-220 bridge over Cross Lake, if the I-49 Inner-City Connector is not completed. This will further negatively impact our water quality and may result in its destruction.

Current pressure on existing roadways will increase if the I-49 Inner-City Connector is not completed. State Highway 1 going through downtown Shreveport, State Highway 171 and 3 will experience more traffic, not less traffic, if I-49 is routed around Shreveport by using 3132 and I-220 adding 14 miles to I-49. The I-49 Inner-City Connector is 3.5 miles long. The I-49 Inner-City Connector will divert traffic from I-220 and from downtown Shreveport.

If the I-49 Inner-City Connector is not built, there is little doubt more pedestrian accidents and deaths will occur due to increased traffic on North Market Street and in Downtown Shreveport (See Link "It is a Safety Issue" on this web site). In case you have not visited Downtown Shreveport late-night, from Midnight to 5:00 AM any Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, there are hundreds of patrons every night visiting clubs, including Market Street, where the new higher-speed traffic will increase substantially, if the I-49 Inner-City Connector is not built. High-speed Interstate traffic (70MPH) typically does not safely slow when arriving onto city streets. This problem is experienced everywhere an Interstate spills into a cityscape. This problem will be amplified if the I-49 Inner-City Connector is not completed, sooner than later.

If I-49 is routed over the four lane I-220 bridge over Cross Lake, this bridge will experience significantly higher wear and degradation, requiring it to be reinforced or replaced much sooner than later. Replacing the I-220 Cross Lake Bridge, caused by additional traffic from I-49, will cost much more than the I-49 Inner-City Connector.

In the recent past, the Shreveport City Council debated the Railroad running near Cross Lake moved, in their words, to prevent environmental impact and the threat of train accidents from affecting Cross Lake. I-220 offers a much more dangerous threat to Cross Lake. Where is the response from the City Council on routing I-49 over Shreveport’s water supply?

Short-term special-interests must be avoided. The Inner-City Connector is much too important to leave to the Plantationists to do our planning for us. Phone, Email, and Communicate with your Elected Officials to finish the I-49 Inner-City Connector.

I49REPORT Analysis: There is a small group of wealthy business and land owners who's special interests will greatly profit upon the completion of I-49 North from Arkansas to I-220. That is terrific! However, not completing the Inner-City Connector is borderline criminal and against the better interests of the general public. These same powerful business and land interests will profit further and "control" growth in the Shreveport-Bossier region forever, BY NOT COMPLETING THE I-49 INNER CITY CONNTECTOR IN A TIMELY MANNER, OR AT ALL.