To convey reliable information about I-49, and to facilitate community-wide dialogue of the advantages, or drawbacks if any, of constructing the I-49 Inner-City Connector (Click here).
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Environmental Impact Statement definition from Wikipedia

John Caruthers
I-49/I-69 Article
circa 2002

It is a Safety Issue.

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Governor-Elect Bobby Jindal appoints Bill Ankner as Director of LA DOTD
(Dated: 12-28-07)

Hwy. 3132 Buckles in Heat....Not Cost Effective for I-49


What's Wrong with This Photo?

I49Report feels that MAJOR ACCIDENTS such as the 18-Wheeler, which lost up
to 100 Cows along I-220 at I-20 (November 14, 2007 at approx. 11 p.m.
because it rolled over) MANDATE THE NEED to construct I-49 near Downtown
Shreveport (Inner-City Connector)... a 6-lane Interstate to truly connect
I-49 with I-20 at Murphy Street where it currently ends.

Shreveport-Bossier and the Ark-La-Tex has never been a one-horse town and
certainly we don't want it to be known as a 100 Cow town, either, that
traffic couldn't navigate around because we had not constructed another
excellent option.

Those Cows were either heading (at the time in the 18-Wheeler) to soon cross
the I-220 portion of the Cross Lake Bridge...or they had minutes before
crossed I-220 at Cross Lake going Southwest along I-220. You will notice in
the "linked article" below that traffic was non-existent on I-220 most of
the morning because I-220 was completely shut down. The article warns
motorists later that I-220 is open, but to watch out for Cows.

This incident/accident might seem funny to some, but if we don't truly fully
connect and finish I-49 completely THROUGH THE CITY OF SHREVEPORT, you can
see how commerce and progress is negatively impacted FOR THE ENTIRE
ARK-LA-TEX REGION. Plus, during the Winter months the same "Road Closed"
situation occurs one or two days a year along I-220 becaue the Cross Lake
Bridge is known to "Ice Over".

Let's get with the Program...."The Progress Program".

See The Times article "Cows on the loose in west Shreveport"